The Heart of Absalon

Culture is one of our most important competitive parameters. Therefore, we focus on making our employees hotel-ambassadors. We do this with a motivating culture that creates good experiences. Our multi-lingual and fresh Front Office team is some of the best in the industry and their hearts beats for genuine hospitality, a first class service and to give you a stay full of memories. Here are five faces you might meet at Absalon Hotel:


Mette, Front Office Manager
Mette started as a Trainee and has now been part of the Absalon family for more than 10 years, so she knows the hotel like the back of her hand. She has lived in Vesterbro for 12 years, so if you want insider tips for the area, she is the one to ask – and she are happy to share her tips in both Danish, English, German, Swedish and Norwegian.



Jens, Receptionist
Jens started as an intern and has now been part of Absalon’s reception team for 1 year. He is super interested in Danish history, so if you have a question about Copenhagen or Denmark, Jens definitely has the answer – both in Danish, English, German, Japanese, Swedish and Norwegian. Personally Jens is a bit of movie nerd and loves Lord of the Rings, especially “The Two Towers”.



Hristina, Restaurant Supervisor
Hristina is part of our breakfast team and her day begins at. 04.30 a.m. – So if you are an early bird, you can have a chat with her in the breakfast restaurant. She is always ready with a helping hand and smile – in fact, we cannot remember ever having seen her without a smile on her face.



Zivilé, Executive Housekeeper
Zevillé began as Chamber Maid and has now been part of the Absalon family for 6 years, so she knows the hotel inside-out. Her day starts at 7.00 a.m. and though she primarily works when you are out exploring Copenhagen, you might bump into her in the hallway – and she is always happy share good story about the hotel.



Nico, Bartender
Nico originates from Argentina and has worked as a bartender in both Denmark and abroad for the past 10 years. He loves to experiment with different flavors and to create new, exciting cocktails for our menu. However, his favorite cocktail is without a doubt an Old Fashion.