We wish to maintain and attract the best employees and amplify our employees as our most important resource.
We have since 2016 participated in the certification programme ”Great Place to Work” that acknowledges the best workplaces in 51 countries.

In 2016 we became the 11 Best Workplace and in 2017 we are immensely proud to have made the top 3 on the nominated list.
We look forward to continuously working with Great Place to Work in 2019 and a participating and dynamic culture strategy that you can feel. With trust, pride and socialness we create a work culture that differentiates our hotels both internally and externally.

Culture is created when we are at work together. We believe that we need to feel our work culture and mean something for each other, in order to make a difference for our guests and create the memorable experiences with design, colors and exceptional service that our guests will want to share with others.

We have no vacancies at the moment.