We live in Vesterbro, which is Copenhagen’s most vibrant neighborhood – kødbyen-flæskhere you experience both the raw and smart vibes that makes you feel that you are in the Capital.

Istedgade is a perfect combination of old taverns, cafes and fashion and vintage stores. With its festive and funky atmosphere Istedgade is the heart of Vesterbro, where the tempo is high-paced around the clock. Here are both cozy cafes, noisy bars and unique design shops – it is a neighborhood that has that                                                                         Big City vibe. At the same time you can find peace and quiet just around the                                                                     corner in the alley ways, where curious cafes and pubs continue to pop up.Kødbyen-mad og mennesker

Halmtorvet is just around the corner and filled with trendy cafes. Enjoy your Sunday brunch here and you are almost guaranteed to see some of the famous faces you see on TV.

In The Meatpacking District you will find bars full of atmosphere, restaurants with a high-quality cuisine and some of the city’s best galleries.

Vesterbro has it all and is definately worth a visit. We look forward to welcoming you to our neighborhood and Absalon Hotel.